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balance of auto and iso of 400 photo by ron bernstein 1311 at 45057 pm with a nikon corporationnikon d3 set to white balance of auto and iso of 3200 photo by ron bernstein 21008 at 84739 am with a canoncanon eos1d mark ii n set to white balance of auto and iso of 400 photographer photographing piano pier pike place market pilings pine pine leaf boys pinecrest pines pink pinnacles pinon pipes placita plane plane beach plant planter plaques platzer pleasure plumage point policeman pond pony pool poplars porterweed portland portrait postman pounce prairie prairie dog badlands naitonal park south dakota preservation presharpen pretzel prey prince william sound whittier cruise print pro professional profile protein psd puddle pueblo puffin puffins punakaiki pupa purakaunui purple pyramids q question quiet quinnipiac trail rafael rafting railroad railway rain rainbow rainier rainstorm range rara raven raven cliffs georgia recovered recovered files recycle red red barn red barns red rock 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bernstein 112509 at 112440 am with a canon eos 5d set to white balance of auto and iso of 250 serena shade shake shannon sharapova sharing shark valley shark valley everglades national park shark valley everglades national park florida shark valley everglades national parkred shouldered hawk sharpener shed sheep shell shibuya shirts shooting shot with with a nikon d3 iso of 2500 shouldered show showing shrine shutter speed of 11000 at f5.6 and sharpening set to 2 and tone set to 0 shutter speed of 11250 at f3.2. shutter speed of 1160 at f7.1 shutter speed of 1200 at f5 shutter speed of 1400 at f8 shutter speed of 150 at f5.6 shutter speed of 1500 at f3. shutter speed of 1500 at f9. sibley side silver efex 2 silver efex pro 2 sinawava singer siproeta sisters skagsanden skater skillsoft skimmer skogafoss skógafoss sky skyline slide slide rock state park smart smoke snaefellness snaefellness coast snail snail kite lake toho neiger snow snow monkey snow monkeys snowdrop snowfall snowmobile 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