Purple Gallinules and Purple Swamphens - ronbernstein
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Purple Swamphen posing in early morning light

This bird is non-native. Read how it came to be here from Pakistan and China! "The widespread destruction caused by Hurricane
Andrew in 1992 resulted in the accidental release of
many species of non-native wildlife in Florida,
including Purple Swamphens. It is believed that most
of the individuals found in Florida escaped from bird
keepers in the Pembroke Pines area as a result of the
hurricane; however 6–8 individuals also escaped
from the Miami Metro Zoo around the same time.
Purple Swamphens were first documented living in
the wild in Florida in 1996, and by 1999 the
population in Pembroke Pines had grown to at least
134 birds. Purple Swamphens were first reported in
the Everglades Water Conservation Area in 2006."


Wakodahatchee Wetlands
Delray Beach, Florida

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