• Got it!

    female brown bear with salmon Katmai National Park and Preserve

  • Serenity

    Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park Kodiak, Alaska

  • Nugget Point sunrise

    Nugget Point is one of the most iconic landforms on the Otago coast. Located at the northern end of the Catlins coast, this steep headland has a lighthouse at its tip, surrounded by rocky islets - the nuggest.

  • Stirling Falls

    Milford Sound Fiordland National Park South Island

  • Four Generations

    With the remnants of the Bahia Honda bridge and the current main road in the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway, as backdrops, a young couple, indistinct in their frolicking, and an older one, more languid and reflective, create the four generations in this sun-baked Florida Keys beach scene. Infrared capture.

  • Stubborn Grainery

    While we were shooting this structure, a local man stopped and explained that although buildings like this look like they would fall down in a light wind, they are in fact still quite sturdy and very difficult to deconstruct. Sturdy is as sturdy was...

  • Lone Tree


  • Weber Farmhouse

    Between Moscow and Pullman in the Palouse. According to Martha Mullen, in her book Reflections on the Road, "...the house was the homestead of Jacob and Hulda Weber who came west by wagon train in 1876. The original structure was a small log cabin--the central section of the house with two windows below, one above, and a peak roof. As the Webers' family grew...a large board addition was built and the log structure also framed in." I spoke with the owner, who lives nearby. She told me she was fifth generation!