• Sea Otter in the waters around Kodiak

    Did you know that the sea otter is one of few species of mammals, on land or in the sea, that uses tools -- an ability that at one time was thought to be possessed only by humans. Among the items in the sea otter's tool kit are rocks, driftwood, empty clam shells, and even glass bottles, all of which may be used to crack open the shells of prey such as clams and abalone (marine snails).

  • Serenity

    Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park Kodiak, Alaska

  • Hello!

    female brown bear Katmai National Park and Preserve

  • Four Generations

    With the remnants of the Bahia Honda bridge and the current main road in the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway, as backdrops, a young couple, indistinct in their frolicking, and an older one, more languid and reflective, create the four generations in this sun-baked Florida Keys beach scene. Infrared capture.